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Skin Care Treatment Testimonial

‘The Glam team saved my life!

After many frustrating months of using and testing different products, I can truly say that Glam’s skin care treatments and products (Dr Spiller) have saved my skin! Suddenly, I was experiencing constant breakouts and rosacea that wouldn’t go away. It looked like a plucked chicken’s skin! Yuck! I was so embarrassed. Within less than a month of using these products, my skin started to turn around and today I actually can leave my house with absolutely no makeup on and feel confident. I thank the Glam team, in particular Ebony, for their professionalism and honesty. I trust them with all my heart – I know they actually care about me and want me to feel and look the best I can.

I honestly don’t know what I would have done without these products and the Glam girls. Thank you for supplying such a great product. You truly saved my skin! X’

Ps still kicking myself I didn’t take a photo of my skin before we began treating it!! Grr

Emily McLeod
Marketing Coordinator

Moonee Valley Racing Club


Eyelash Extensions: Before and After Care Advice and Information



Can I use eyelash curlers with my Eyelash Extensions?

You CANNOT use MECHANICAL eyelash curlers as they can prematurely damage your Eyelash Extensions.

Eyelash extensions are created with a beautiful curl, but for those of you who want an extreme curl we recommend using a HEATED EYELASH CURLER.

How do I take care of Eyelash Extensions?

  • Do not wash eyes, swim, shower for 24 hours to allow adequate bonding time for the lashes
  • Be gentle with your lashes
  • Do not use a mechanical eyelash curler
  • Avoid oil based cosmetic products around the eye. This will dissolve the adhesive
  • Do not use oil based mascara, if you must use mascara especially designed for your lashes
  • Use only water-based facial cleansers
  • USE ONLY XTREME LASHES EYEMAKE UP REMOVER. Remember to be gentle with your lashes while removing eye make up
  • Do not visit saunas or steam rooms frequently. Routine exposure to heat may cause the bond to loosen.

DAILY TIPS: the most common cause of  lash extensions falling out before the end of your natural lash cycle includes excessive touching, use of oil based products, layering on excessive amounts of mascara which requires excessive cleansing, and frequent exposure to heat sources such as spas, saunas and tanning salons.




The Application Process

The application process is pain-free and relaxing. Clients can relax, rest and even fall asleep during the process

Client lies comfortably on the beauty bed, ensure the client is warm and offer a blanket

Tape will be applied to the bottom lashes to keep the lashes out of the way during application

Client closes the eyes and relaxes

Eyelash extensions are applied to each individual natural eyelash one at a time, depending on your experiences and the amount of lashes needed.

The application time generally takes between 60 – 90 minutes

Touch ups can be done in around 30 minutes

Why do you recommend using different, progressing lengths of eyelash extensions?

In order to provide your clients with a natural look and feel.

The shortest lashes should go on the interior corner of the eye, the longest lengths towards the middle, and intermediate lengths towards exterior corner of the eye.

How many eyelashes are used for each application?

Determined by the fullness preferred by the client, the length should also be taken into consideration.

Each client will desire a different look. This should be determined in consultation.

Generally the most basic look 40-50 lashes are needed on each eye.

For a full glamorous set you can use 60 or more eyelashes per eye.

How much do we charge for our services?

Please refer to the website or our treatment menu

What sizes, types and lengths are available?

On offer is a range of C-Curl lashes which are the shape of a C and J-Curl lashes which are the shape of a J.

Depending on your clients desired look you will determine which type are best suited.

It is also possible to use a combination of both to achieve a more fuller look on the tips of the lashes.

Sizes of lashes are measured in mm. Sizes range from 7mm – 16mm.

Lashes are also available in varying thickness such as .15, .2 and .25 being the thicker of the two. Again the decision to use either will be determined when assessing the client’s needs during a consultation



Skin Care Launch Event

Our Glam Beauty Bar salon in Moonee Ponds, Victoria gives glam-loving locals and struggling starlets a chance to prep themselves with the range of beauty treatments to enhance their features, and keep themselves well groomed and red carpet ready for those special events. Our team recently launched a series of Dr. Spiller products, which are exclusive to beauty professionals only, and provides them with the tools to effectively improve the condition of the skin.

Just as important, Dr. Spiller facials are in a class of their own – world class facials, delivering an experience like no other, combined with unheard of results! OmniDerm is the exclusive distributor of Dr. Spiller Biocosmetics and Herbal Aktiv Peel herbal peeling treatment.

The next launch night is on NOT to be missed…… STAY TUNED


Your Waxing: Before and After Care Advice



  1. Make sure your hair is about 1/2 cm long at your appointment
  2. For best results moisturize daily and exfoliate once or twice per week
  3. Avoid pain for the gain and take some pain relief before hand
  4. Avoid sensitizing your skin with solariums, sunbaking, picking at your skin, exercising heavily
  5. Book an appointment with our highly trained staff that are experienced in all shapes and sizes including pregnant women.


  1. Arrive to your appointment a few minutes in advance to fill out a new client card
  2. Advise therapists if you are using any products that sensitise the skin or irritations or any issues relating to waxing
  3. Define with your therapist your specific waxing needs
  4. Once completed check over waxed area to make sure you are satisfied with the results


  1. Discuss with your therapist all necessary after care products to obtain a smooth, long lasting wax
  2. Skin may appear red and blotchy
  3. Avoid sweating
  4. Ingrown hair treatments available
  5. Stay clean
  6. Rebook your wax for another 4-6 weeks



  • Cleanse skin using mild ph skin wash product (we recommend tea tree body wash)
  • Moisturize your skin daily (we recommend teat tree body lotion)
  • Exfoliate regularly using either an exfoliating mitt or exfoliating glove (we recommend synthetic exfoliating mitts or gloves)
  • Have ingrown hairs removed professionally
  • Shower before a wax
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Use recommended ingrown hair removal products for problem areas
  • Use only recommended mineral make up on skin 24 hours after waxing facial area


  • Over exfoliate
  • Shave in between waxing, as this distorts the hair growth cycle
  • Have a solarium, go swimming or go to the gym 24 hours before or after a wax

Spray Tanning: Before and After Care Advice

We have created this article so you can read up and know ALL that YOU can do to contribute to an even, extended and totally amazing Spray Tan. So read on, and if you have any further questions please feel free to either email or call us on 9370 0955.

We look forward to spray tanning you soon.

Before your Spray Tanning appointment.

  1. Any hair removal treatments such as shaving or waxing should be performed the day before the appointment.
  2. It is recommended that you exfoliate your skin with Tuscan Tan Exfoliating Sugar Scrub. Do not use any other brand or exfoliant as they may contain oils or other ingredients which may adversely effect the end tanning result.
  3. After exfoliating, it is recommended that you wash using Tuscan Tan pH Balanced Skin Wash to restore the pH balance of your skin to normal levels. This will ensure the colour of your tan develops and maintains as it should.
  4. After showering do not apply any products to your skin such as moisturiser, deodorant, perfume or make-up.
  5. Bring with you to your appointment; a brief dark coloured bathing suit or underwear to your appointment. Alternatively we have on offer disposable g-strings.
  6. Bring with you to your appointment loose clothing together with thongs to wear afterwards.

During your Spray Tanning Appointment

  1. Ladies, you can choose to go totally naked, wear your own underwear/bathers or wear a supplied disposable g-string. Remember we have seen it all before. The choice is totally up to you and the results you wish to achieve.
  2. The spraying process takes approximately 10 minutes in which we will personally spray you with our Evolution Series Pressurisation hand held spray gun.
  3. We will then ensure the product has completely dried on your skin by providing you with a hand held dryer to dry yourself.


After your Spray Tanning Appointment

NOTE: Please pay particular attention to which Tuscan Tan™ spray on tan you have had applied and follow relevant after care instruction.

Tuscan Tan original™ – 8 hour development.

  1. It is recommended that you do not shower, swim, do any physical activity that may cause perspiration, or apply products to your skin during the 8 hour development time.
    Note: Tuscan Tan original™ spray on tan will not over develop if left on the skin longer than the 8 hour development time. You may leave it on longer or overnight if preferred.
  2. Once your tan has developed you may shower, however it is recommended that you only use Tuscan Tan™ pH Balanced Skin Wash to cleanse your skin. Do not use any other body wash product, soap or exfoliants as they may strip the tan.
  3. After showering, pat your skin dry with your towel rather than rub so as not to prematurely fade the tan.
  4. Once dry, it is recommended that you apply Tuscan Tan™ Tinted Tan Extender lotion daily to maintain your tan and extend its longevity.

Tuscan Tan Rapid-Amino 90™ – 90 minute development.

Day 1:

  1. It is recommended that you do not shower, swim, or do any physical activity that may cause perspiration, or apply products to their skin during the 90 minute development time.
    Note: the Tuscan Tan Rapid Amino 90™ spray on tan will not ‘over develop’ if left on the skin longer  than the 90 minute development time.
  2. After the 90 minute development time you may shower, however it is most important that this first shower is QUICK – just a quick rinse for no more than 30 seconds (no washing of hair etc). Also it is recommended that you do not to use body wash, soaps or exfoliation scrubs during this first shower.
    NOTE: It is normal for some residual bronzer to rinse off during this first shower leaving a lighter tan than when first applied, however the colour will continue to develop over the next few hours.
  3. After showering, pat your skin dry with your towel rather than rub so as not to prematurely fade the tan.
  4. Do not apply any moisturiser or body products until the following day.

Day 2 onwards:

  1. From day two onwards you may resume showering as normal, however it is recommended that you only use Tuscan Tan™ pH Balanced Skin Wash to cleanse your skin whilst showering, as soap, other body wash products or exfoliants may strip the tan.
  2. After showering, pat your skin dry with your towel rather than rub so as not to prematurely fade the tan.
  3. Apply Tuscan Tan™ Tinted Tan Extender lotion daily to maintain the tan and extend its longevity.


  1. the more water contact you have the more the tan is going to fade.
  2. If you feel you have sensitised skin we are able to apply a small test patch of the product on your skin prior to a full tan application.
  3. Please remember to wear sunscreen to protect your skin when outdoors.

DHA has been used as a cosmetic ingredient in the United States since 1960 and no problems have ever been reported containing DHA penetrating the skin or causing problems during pregnancy.

Product Spotlight

Tuscan Tan: Spray Tan Product and Equipment

The Evolution Series™ tan delivery system is the only spray on tanning equipment which operates with pressurisation; the most advanced form of spray on tan.

The Salon Saver over-spray extraction screen captures any excess over-spray or air borne vapours that may be generated during the spray on tan application providing a cleaner, safer and more hygienic working environment for both staff and their clients.

Tuscan Tan solution.
The ultimate spray on tan.

Tuscan Tan spray on tan solution mimics naturally tanned skin tones with 100% accuracy as it contains Violet-Tone Complex ™ – Exclusive to Tuscan Tan.

Violet-Tone Complex™ consists of six colourants formulated to counteract the yellow / orange undertones commonly seen in alternative DHA based spray tan brands. This unique combination of violet based colourants produce an instant natural tan shade when sprayed on the skin, and further creates a natural protective layer which is non-sticky, smudge proof and water resistant.

The solution adapts to any skin type as it picks up and adopts the skin’s individual darker tones, whilst deepening the colour of it’s lighter variations to produce the most authentic looking tan in any shade desired, from lightly sun-kissed through to the darkest of tans. Better still, the spray on tan dries instantly on application, is completely odourless once developed, and lasts up to ten days before gradually and evenly fading.

Develops in 90 Minutes!

Tuscan Tan spray on tan solution is also available with a rapid development time of just 90 minutes as it contains
Rapid-Amino Complex™- Exclusive to Tuscan Tan.

Rapid-Amino Complex™ is composed of five penetration enhancers selected at levels to allow optimal and rapid colour development of the active tanning ingredients after just 90 minutes. Derived from fruits, sugars and flowers, this optimised blend of active tanning ingredients react naturally with the amino acids on the outer layer of the skin enabling the colour accelerators to deliver the highest degree of active colour development in the shortest amount of time.

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