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Product Spotlight

Dr Spiller Skin Care – working with nature

German physician Dr Horst Spiller has and other aggressive ingredients that leave the skin in a

been creating oil-based skin care products since the early 1960s. Working against contemporary trends that dictated skincare products be water based, he sought to

recreate the biological condition of young healthy skin by focusing on the skin’s protective layer, the acid mantle. The acid mantle is designed to control the loss of moisture from our skin with its delicate balance of oil and water, and Dr Spiller based his skincare creams on the oil found in it.

Dr Spiller Biocosmetics’s new Hydratain Emulsion System succeeds in reproducing the conditions found in the acid mantle, adding greater protection against today’s harsh and artificial environment. While many competing brands produce heavy oil-based creams with a greasy consistency, Dr Spiller’s unique technology allows him to formulate light creams with oil content as low as 19 percent.

There are three significant advantages to Dr Spiller’s oil-based range over traditional water-based creams. Firstly, with dehydration from our increasingly extreme climate, air conditioning, central heating and harsh skin products leading to premature ageing, the Hydratian range is scientifically proven to maintain high moisture levels in the skin, resulting in a plumper, more youthful appearance. Secondly, Dr Spiller’s products calm the skin by working with it rather than breaking it down, counteracting inflammation caused by harsh acids

constant state of irritation. Thirdly, the Hydratain Emulsion System is more effective

at delivering skin-friendly active ingredients. Clinical data from German tests show that the delivery system results in 120 percent more Vitamin E in the skin compared to water- based skincare creams.

Dr Spiller Hydratain creams contain vitamins, healing peptides and antioxidants. They help return your skin to its natural balance, restoring a healthy, smooth and radiant complexion.

Western Australian beauty therapist and salon owner Eleni Dimitriou, who has been working with Hydratain creams for 12 months, reports a typical experience: ‘A new customer was describing how frustrated she was with her skin – “My skin feels lifeless, tight and dry and I’m not getting results from my salon brand.”So I gave her a sample of Dr Spiller’s Sanvita Cream with Green Tea and Ginseng extract. A few days later the client was surprised at how well her skin was looking and feeling. It’s great to be able to help my clients with a product that really works.’

Dr Spiller Biocosmetics Hydratrian Emulsion System is distributed in Australia by Omniderm.

Reviews & Testimonials

Skin Care Treatment Testimonial

‘The Glam team saved my life!

After many frustrating months of using and testing different products, I can truly say that Glam’s skin care treatments and products (Dr Spiller) have saved my skin! Suddenly, I was experiencing constant breakouts and rosacea that wouldn’t go away. It looked like a plucked chicken’s skin! Yuck! I was so embarrassed. Within less than a month of using these products, my skin started to turn around and today I actually can leave my house with absolutely no makeup on and feel confident. I thank the Glam team, in particular Ebony, for their professionalism and honesty. I trust them with all my heart – I know they actually care about me and want me to feel and look the best I can.

I honestly don’t know what I would have done without these products and the Glam girls. Thank you for supplying such a great product. You truly saved my skin! X’

Ps still kicking myself I didn’t take a photo of my skin before we began treating it!! Grr

Emily McLeod
Marketing Coordinator

Moonee Valley Racing Club

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