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The Five Primary Skin Concerns

Did you know that 80% of your skincare results are due to your home care routine?

The perfect home-care routine elevates the treatments you get done in the salon.

Coupling these home-care routines with a commitment to a healthy lifestyle is a MUST for glowing skin!

At Glam Beauty Bar & Skin Clinic caring for our skin is one of the most important steps in a quality self-care routine.

One of the professional skincare brands we use in clinic is Dr Spiller which has a

HyTec Emulsion System.

  • HY = HYdro (water, moisture)
  • TEC = TEChnology (Technology)

The result? A skin solution that minimises water loss, stabilises the skin’s moisture level and activates the skin’s natural functions to achieve healthy, perfectly-balanced, hydrated skin.

Best Dr Spiller skin treatment to try in salon?

Dr Spiller Principal Facial: 60min

You’ll start off with a double cleanse followed by a gentle exfoliation with jojoba beads. To further the deep cleanse we’ve added in our favourite natural spelt enzyme peel which helps to reduce blackheads (suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skins).

Then get ready to bliss out with a relaxation facial massage before finishing things off with a tailored mask suitable for your skin.

This treatment will leave your skin feeling fresh, renewed and plump 💧.

Ready to see results?

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