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Glowing skin is a result of proper skincare. It means you can wear less make up, and let your skin shine though. Try our selection of skin peels that provide fantastic driven results for your skin goals.. who does not like radiant skin? 

Enzyme Peel

Organic, all natural enzymes from spelt which gently remove all dead skin cells.

This peel is suitable for all skins, even sensitive skins

  • $80
  • Add on to any facial  | $35

Glycolic Peel

AHA/BHA based peel – gentle dual action exfoliation to refine the texture of skin & reveal a brighter, & more even complexion.

Recommended for all skin types, but sensitive.

This peel can be added into any of our facials.

  •  $80
  • Buy 3 |$230
  • Add on to any facial | $35

Lactic Peel

A multi-action peel to resurface the skin, boost cell renewal, diminish fine lines & wrinkles and stimulate collagen production.

This peel can be performed 2 – 4 times per year, or for uneven pigmentation or anti-aging concerns we recommend a series of 4 – 6 treatments every 2 weeks

Suitable for all, including dry & mature skins.

  • $85
  • Buy 3 | $230

B Peel (Green Peel)

  • 60min | $200

1 day fresh skin, this luxury herbal peel is suitable for ALL skin types.

Instantly visibly beautiful skin, no downtime, no visible peeling…Amazing results!

Equivalent to 3 microdermabrasion in one session. Once you try this, you won’t go back!  Recommended every 4 weeks.

C Peel (New skin in 5 days)

💚 most loved by clients

  • $700 | includes 3 x take home products to use within the five days and 1 x post facial 
  • $1500 | pack of 3 x c peels, including products and post facial follow ups

The problem solver – deep set skin problems – regenerating, smoothing and firming!

Significant peeling of the upper epidermis which promotes collagen production, smooths scaring and improvement in skin quality: skin tone, structure and firmness. 

The treatment price includes 3 x take home alex cosmetics products to use after peel and 5 days after treatment, along with a post 30min facial which has to be booked 48hours after peeling starts.

We advice getting this treatment on a Tuesday, with the post facial taking place on the Saturday. 


  • Protection is the number-one priority-even after the Follow-up Treatment
    • That‘s why were commend applying SUN CARE CREAM SPF 50 as regular protection for at least 4 weeks post treatment (Manola SPF 50+ is sold $29 in salon) 
    • If skin is still sensitive post follow up facial, continue use of the products given to you are recommended to be used. 
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